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    Ok - most of you know I'm working on Lobo at the moment, and K-9 is all lined up to follow it, and I've also mentioned my xbox which is going to get the treatment too....

    For all of these, I ordered a small pile of various LEDs the other day which arrived today and frankly I'm scared lol

    I want to change the colours of the Lights in the Ring of light from Green/Red with Green power light to Yellow/Red with Orange power light. To do this you need a specific LED - namely an 0603 LED.... I got some and....

    Those are a 3mm and a 5mm for comparison...

    I have NO clue how I'm going to solder those on.... I have 2 spare panels and bought about 4x the LEDs I should need so can get some practice but I'm still worried lol...

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    Just get a super fine tip for your soldering iron and one of those magnifiers (either helping hands style or the lamp ones) and you should be fine. Oh -- super thin solder too.

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    you can use our LED Calculator to help get the resistors needed.

    But you do bring up a good point on needing a LED how to on the site. Anyone willing to give it a shot and we will post it in the sites main how to section.

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    Wow! Good luck with that ): I'd be interested to see how you make out.

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    The voltages aren't an issue with these - they're direct replacement for the ones already on the xbox but the other LEDs i bought at the same time are going to take a little work as they range from 1.6 to 3.7 volts :s

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