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Thread: modling clay?

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    modling clay?

    So, i need to extend the shape of my mouse, i want to create a "wavy", bumpy and otherwise asymetrical shap for it.
    My question is: what's the best modling-clay-like material for modding a mouse?

    it's gotta be durable, so plaster is out, and it's gotta be paintable and i need to be able to glue it to plastic. and if posible it need to be pretty clay-like.

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    modling clay?

    Clay wouldn't be my first choice at all. WED is too wet and shrinks when it dries and needs to be fired. Plastalina never dries and you'll never glue it on.

    My advice would be to either sculpt in plastalina, mold in soft urethane and cast the new part with a rigid urethane OR garage it and use an industrial wood epoxy which can be sanded and painted. For urethane's I've used a few of Smooth-On mats and for epoxy I've recently fallen in love with Flex-Tec HV from Advanced Repair

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    modling clay?

    try skulpey. I've seen several modders use it to create crazy things on their cases. Can be had at craft stores like hobby lobby.

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    modling clay?

    Polymer clay is definitely another way to go.

    I've used SuperSculpey for maquettes or other assorted tiny bits. My only complaint is that baking it, depending on how dense you make it, can make or break the whole project - though, that's pretty much the case with a lot of projects.

    With SuperSculpey you can do anything from burn it and depending on how you make your piece, it can scale off if you glue it. It also has next to zero shear resistance and can snap easily (unless cored with something).

    It's great for rapid visual work, not so hot for functional parts.

    It would be nice to see some kind of visual representation of the idea.

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    modling clay?

    thanks alot! i thought about skulpty, but the baking seemed to putt me off...but i figured it out and im going to try it tommorrow...ty

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    modling clay?

    So what did you figure out?

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