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Thread: WTF video.. midnight edition.

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.


    not safe for sane minds either.

    sex... no.. nudity.. yes.... paint.. yes.. and a showing that microsoft will do JUST about anything for advertising its products.

    i know threads are meant to be kept.. clean... and this is about as.. dirty as it gets.. so.. i do appologize.. but.. you HAVE been warned.

    its youtube friendly.. but chances are youll need to verify your age before viewing.[/video]]XBOX.... WTF?![/video]]Zune..............WTF... seriously!

    Being i was a tad late.... im going to give a bonus to those that are warped enough to be following my vid topics....

    for those that are.. musically inclined.. i offer up the sweet sounds of Porno..

    Porno Music

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.

    you know i honesty cant believe anyone has NOTHING to say about this... if of all the things i was ever going to post... i figured THIS was the one to get me yelled at lol

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.

    Morbid Zune!........WTZ!.... How can someone do art like that?compress paint enema?(NiceѾ/ȹ/lol/ȸ/Θ/▄/Gag/WTF!

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.

    Well the first video was pretty cool for xbox. The second one was just weird. I mean a big fat guy spraying paint with his backside? How is that supposed to make you want to buy a Zune? LOL.

    I'd say your close to the edge of Tazz yelling at you but who knows. He's like a pit bull. One day he's nice, the next day he's eaten your children.

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.

    not just the backside.. rememeber the first part of the vid.. he was standing up :P so explain THAT one :P

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    WTF video.. midnight edition.

    you think about these things too much. *cringe*

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