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Thread: Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    If you are like me you have seen or heard about all the Modding Competitions from the rest of the world. I was just wondering why don't we have something like that here in the USA? I know there are many talented modders out there and we should be leading the way, but it seems that we are the ones trailing behind.

    What reasons do you think that modding seems to be so popular and has a huge presence outside of the US.

    Would you compete in an event if there was one available?

    Would you travel to view it?

    Speak out and maybe we can get something going, even if it starts out small.

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    The NVIDIA ION CPU Magazine Modding Contest could have been the BOMB NOTE!(BOOM) because it's free to enter BUT the judging process and rules failed,The judging process,who can judge with just opinion?The rules,some of the rules wasn’t followed RULE Page: RULE#:6. RULE Letter: HOW TO ENTER RULEb) Your submission must include a drawing or sketch.So to address the relative inquiry,why support something that will cost added money in da mixx(the mix)?

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    I couldn't even begin to guess why modding is so popular and has a huge presence outside of the US, however I think I might be able to throw out a few ideas on contests.

    In my case modding has only one drawback, cost. I can't afford to buy bits & bobs to tweak a computer, nor do I have the tools to do massive case reconstructions or scratch builds. However, there are other forms of mods that I think definitely fall within a lesser cost bracket and might be interesting to consider.

    Paint Mods - Any case, just paint it up. Maybe themed? Maybe style or specific content or colors? Best one wins.

    Garage Mods - low/zero cost, found-bit mods. Just like found-art can be cool, maybe gluing, hammering, screwing garbage bits and thrown away junk to restyle a case could be fun.

    Best gaudyMod - Put together the most ostentatious case mod possible - horrible colors, tinsel and feathers - or carpeted with scrap bur-bur - however you see, it just has to make the view think - omg wtf, that's horrible! Mods gone wrong!? Not anymore!

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    Honestly unless it came within like 100 miles (day trip) distance, I probably wouldnt go.

    Like one of the people above me said. I don't have a lot of money/tools, so it would be very difficult for me to see myself competing.

    That said, I'm rather pessimistic.

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    i enjoy the modding...and i enjoy watching other peoples mods, so of course if i could i would go but...due to the family and not owning a car...its pretty darn impossible for me to go to any...oh and not to mention the fact im in the uk not USA but still! im glad i have guys like you (AF/TAZZ) who bring pictures and such from events always good to read them.....anyway yea the money is a issue here aswell, id struggle alot if i was doing alot of its late here i should stop ranting on! but down to the point, yes i do thing a comp in the usa would be good!

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    why isent it a big thing here in the states competition wise?? because not many businesses are interested in supporting it and backing the events...

    nvidia?? doubtfull..

    intel?? never.

    look at the majority of other competitions out there.. ALL of them are backed by some corperations.. thats where the money comes from to deal with all the costs of the competitions.
    through advertisement.. and funding for further development.

    because of such all the mods and changes and experements done in pro racing has made modern driving and cars faster and safer.

    same with guns...

    and any other sport out there.

    corperate backing.. and the knowledge that the experements and risks of change can help improve the product and boost sales in the future... thus an investment.

    computers.. this isent the case.. because adding lights.. a blinking fan.. a fancy logo on the front cover.. or making it look like some game icon... doesent "improve" the computer in any way.. i just makes it cool. the computer will never run faster.. perform better.. or achieve some miracle breakthrough to make that pc more then what it was before its case was modded.. simply because all the case does.. is hold the working components.

    without any posibility of improving thier components through the competetion.. the ONLY way that any companies investing in the idea would do so well is through advertising.. and name dropping of someone popular into a more expensive line... "fatal1ty" line of parts ring a bell?

    yes theres some noted modders out in the states.. and unfortuantly.. you could swift through 1 million people.. and not find one that knows the name of ANY of these modders.. so on a large scale market.. our modders out there just arent popular enough to turn a profit.

    advertising... with no popularity in modding in the states right now.. no ammount of advertising will get any company that invests in the competition.. to gain any sort of return..
    think about it.. people here were SHOCKED to see over 400 entrants in the ion competition. and exclaimed that modding wasent dead after all... hopefull thinking at best.

    many entered multiple times.. spouting out any random idea they could think of just in hopes of boosting their chances to win... like spending 5$ on random quickpicks at the lotto office.

    how many of these people were modders instead of just random people wowed at the aspect of a free computer?? sadly id say around 5% if that.
    how many of these 400 are STILL here after they were eliminated?

    im seeing about 10 names floating about these forms of a week.. 10 people.. not 400.
    oxide coudlent even with all its amazing deals and advertising.. manage to stay in business.
    states side.. theres no money in modding.. and thus no insentive really for business to put out large ammounts of money to host these competitions without any viable possibility of return.

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    PS.. the reason why crysis is so system intensive is because it urrently holds the record for worst coding in exsistance.. which is why crysis warhead was recoded from scratch and now runs fine on even modest PCs

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    There is probably more than one reason.

    People spend more time watching game shows here lol learning useless knowledge they will never use.

    And as DFStormbringer says there just isn't any $ in it here. Look at the cost of the build just to have a chance to win some of your $ back. Big $ will draw big players, anything else and your doing it basically for yourself and/ or a pat on the back.

    Find the funding and chances to win big $ and you will have modders coming out of the woodwork. 1st prize $100,000 2nd $50,000 3rd $25,000.
    Companies write off more than that for advertisements every year that never even makes it to be seen by anyone.

    Find a someone to invest in a show like pawn starts, or west cost choppers but setup for modders, People seam to be into that kinda stuff now. You know the old saying (those that cant watch those that can) just like any sport out there.

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    wooha nice to see one of our mods on the MI Frontpage (the first ones in the first video...)

    looks like a big discussion has started :lol:
    and it really reminds me on some discussion we also had going here in germany a few years ago....

    Find the funding and chances to win big $ and you will have modders coming out of the woodwork. 1st prize $100,000 2nd $50,000 3rd $25,000.
    Companies write off more than that for advertisements every year that never even makes it to be seen by anyone.
    yeah prices would be a real nice thing
    but here in germany there are no prices beside the fame we all do this just for the fun (no offense) to meet each other on a cool event and have some nice days....and this year we have one contestant from hungary (and applications from around the globe)

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    Case Modding Competition Series in the USA

    Maybe SOME of what was said was true, money and corporate sponsors create more candidates. I would argue though that isn't the whole truth.
    If you've been to Europe and the UK, one thing you'll notice is an old tradition we used to share here in the U.S. many years back called community. I could go on with many examples that I saw when I was working over in Germany and Austria but the fact is people in the communities over there share many of the same interests. More so than people over here do.
    Now would I say "that's the reason why..", no absolutely not, there's more than one answer here.
    Economic factors would have to be a consideration as well and I wouldn't even begin to mull through that mess.

    I think Corporate sponsors would bring more people into the fold (hobby) and would also invite some creativity that we've yet to see unfold as DFS said.
    When anything becomes stagnated, people as a whole lose interest over what essentially becomes passe. Over the last 5-6 years we've seen the breakthrough developments come to an almost screeching halt. SSD's, Netbooks, and some new processors are about the only examples you could use that have had any real impact and those have been minimal given the bigger picture.

    Perhaps we're at a crossroads of sorts? And given the current economic climate, I wouldn't look for that to bust loose anytime soon.

    I do still believe though that modding isn't dead and I stand by my original statement. Computers are one tool that is evolving faster than any other regular use item I've ever seen in and out of the household. It's not done yet by any means and neither is modding.

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