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Thread: Project Cool

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    Project Cool

    I was sitting at my desk surfing the web when I came across a casemod contest. Wow that’s neat. look at all those awesome mod projects. Hmmmm wish I had something to mod. ohhh what’s this on top of my shelf my 1990 (nonworking) Boombox .
    Maybe I could sell it and get some money too make a Mod. It was in the movie "House Party" with Kid & Play back in the 90's Look in the background
    Lets put it on eBay. Lets see how much one of these go for. Well after more research on eBay I found out that, My boom box will sell for any where between $200 to $1000. It was a collectors items. WOW I cant sell that. So I will just have to update it a little. Put some newer technology in . A duel loop I7 -965 with a pair of 280 gtx's with 7.1 surround sound that should work. But can i get everything to fit. "Sure I can" I don’t think I will be able to put it on my shoulder through

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    Project Cool

    Let crack it open and see whast inside

    wow thats a lot of stuff.

    lets take it all out

    a little more

    I wonder how big those speaker holes are 190mm how am i going to fill that up. How about a pair of cooler Master 200mm fans that should work.

    Lets see what i have laying around to work with.

    Well I better start cutting with the dremel.

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    Project Cool

    09/03/09 update fans installed and working

    making it a little bigger

    Cutting on side of the mounts off to fit in the cutouts

    Mounted using bolts to the existing holes

    add my new fan grills(speaker covers) back on

    still a nice clean look in the front

    tested and works.

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    Project Cool

    09/05/09 & 09/06/09
    Motherboard & mounts.

    Need to make a few cuts and see if everything fits

    looks good

    now i am adding the the MFP51 multi-media lcd

    Now for the Cooler Master enclosure

    Just enough room

    I am going to clean the edges with some rubber

    Back of the case

    cut a small window

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    Project Cool

    Updates 9/12 -9/13

    some final cutting, pre assembly, paint, wireing

    MB attached

    let take a look at how well the mb looks inside

    ps supply hookup

    MB tray cut out

    preparing for inside paint

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    Project Cool

    912/-9/13 getting the table prep for the final pre assembly

    testing leds

    lets see how the fans look and make some final adjustments

    all right more to come!!!!

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    Project Cool

    Been pretty busy with work teh past week. Glad we got a the ext.... or i would have been up all weekend

    work on the led's and switches. and started putting it all together...

    quick power up

    MB and memory

    MB tray running the led wires under it

    lets see how it fits

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    Project Cool

    Water cooling loop x2

    test, test, test

    Fixed case feet on left now working on top right handle

    I can see the finish line !!!

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    Project Cool

    9/22 & 9/23 good stuff today... we did some of teh wiring and tested the lcd also did a final assembly check.

    LCD Test

    A littel COD4

    Added Coolermaster fans and plexi to the Back

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    Project Cool

    Some Final Pics

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