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Thread: Weekly WTF... BLOW YOUR NOSE!

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    Weekly WTF... BLOW YOUR NOSE!

    you never know what might be hiding up there.

    NSFW.. or the squeamish


    once seen it CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

    And yes the poor guy IS alive.

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    Weekly WTF... BLOW YOUR NOSE!

    *is perfectly happy not seeing*

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    Weekly WTF... BLOW YOUR NOSE!

    Doctors use maggots as medicine to stop infection from decaying matter.BARF!!!

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    Weekly WTF... BLOW YOUR NOSE!

    actually the doctors didnt put them there..

    further investigation spawing from the site i learned about the situation.. is theres a oddy common affliction in that area where a persons nasal cavity simply dont work. it dries out.. and the nerves die out giving the person no feeling there what so ever.

    because of it being dried out it causes a most foul odor in which attracts the unwanted visitors... and because of the dead nerves in the cavity thier person doesent even know they are there till far down the road

    found this lil tidbit out at another forum with a thread named.. ungodly creatures.. oddly google sent me there while i was looking for images of the deep sea spider as me and some friends were talking about large spiders and i knew the DSS can have legs upwards of 5 feet long :P and this tidbit was in the 12 page thread.. and.. yet.. its definatly.. WTF.

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