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Thread: Your favorite game so far...?

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    gos.. i feel so old.. everyone naming games that are barley over a year old.. nobody plays the classics any more :P

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    Anyone down with the old republic can signup for beta testing!! @: :smile:

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    hmph, final fantasy 8 for me....then it would be UT goty edition damn those games rock

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    <Halo/LAN/style="pistols only&no shield+400health=one headshot kill"("style&#34for use with small&medium sized maps><Stronghold2/LAN><Halo3/OnlineMultI><FarCry2/OnlineMultI/MapCustomization><Company of Heroes/OnlineMultI><Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic1,2&3/SinglePlayer><Conker's Bad Fur-Day/SinglePlayer><Portal/SinglePlayer><1701A.D./SinglePlayer><Batman: Arkham Asylum/SinglePlayer><F.E.A.R/?/SinglePlayer><Forza2/Customization>TransFormers:revenge of the fallen seems similar to UT3 some of the difference with"TransFormers" it's newer,updated,looks better and fixed game speed but also on the negative side there's no mods.

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    wow, looking at all these games they are all so great. Everytime I see someone mention one I go like "FEAR" ya I LOVE that game! LOL!

    Games are like Breast. My favorite ones are the ones I'm playing with at the moment. ; )

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    My favorite game so far is Dragon Age: Origins

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    Red Alert 2/Yuri's revenge> I still play it once in a while, despite the old graphics. It's more fun than the new RA3, even the campiness works, RA3 just looks and sounds too corny.

    Arcanum> I don't play many RPGs but this one is pretty damn awesome. There really aren't many steampunk RPGs to begin with but this one has a great storyline, great character creation/level up and has great replay value.

    Quake 1> probably because it was my first PC game, gave me nightmares when I was 14. lol. I don't think I've played a game that is as immersive as my experience with Quake 1 was. CoD4 comes close.

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    uncharted 2. anyone can tell me some of your experience when you play it???

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    Half Life 2 & Episodes
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age: Origins
    COD 4

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    Your favorite game so far...?

    My favorite games list are

    Patrician 4
    The Guild 2: Renaissance
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Gothic 4
    Two Worlds 2
    Stronghold 3
    Dragon Age 2

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