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Thread: Need help wiring..

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    Need help wiring..

    Can someone show me how to hook up a Opto Isolator? Want power to come from hard drive activity light. Then jump to 5v to power a servo. If someone could show me a diagram, or draw one? Thanks.

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    Need help wiring..

    Without more info on the specific chip thats the best I can do.

    LED (+) and (-) on the left (from the HD activity light), and +5v and the device (servo) on the left.

    In reality though, you are going to need a lot more circuitry, because the servo probably doesn't run on just 5v -- usually you need some sort of controller.

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    Need help wiring..

    The servo I was going to use runs at 6 volts. I was going to mod it to turn one direction only. Thanks for the diagram.

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