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Thread: Dang cool billboards!

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    Dang cool billboards!

    Some of these are simply amazing! Doubtful we'd ever see somethig like these in the U.S., but man they are eye catching!

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    Dang cool billboards!

    I like that sign over the road...Think about walking around with a friend... Bet to race them.. run with them neck and neck for a bit and as you get close to the sign, suddenly slow down and watch your friend go SPLAT!

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    Dang cool billboards!

    so many photoshopped ones there its pitifull....

    mainly the lego crane.. look at the brick.. the lighting hitting it is totally wrong.

    and ALL the psp and the nike one showing the scenes "behind the board"

    huge give aways..
    top psp one.. despite being in a dark scene and under a structure thres NO shading on the psp what so ever
    second psp.. belt look on the lower left side of the unit the photoshoper forgot to cut that part out to let the trees in the background show through
    3rd one the psps lighting oddly matches the top ones perfectly as if a mirror image...
    all 3 psps are stretch horrizontally to the point of deformity..
    NONE of the 3 are casting a shadow.. anywhere.

    the nike one.. two huge dead give aways... no city will allow the blocking of a running path at a park... and all teh foliage down to the leaf matches perfecty with its surroundings.. which is IMPOSSIBLE if it were a real billboard.. from the time the images is photographed.. printed.. pasted on the board.. the weather and wind would not allow EVERY branch and leaf to match PERFECTY in alignment with the image.

    the nationwide paint splatter.. while most impressive.. is a most impressive fake.. not done in photoshop.. but in a 3d program similar to bryce.. maya.. lightwave.. the giveaway is the not quite accurate specularity settings of the 3d rendered painted vehicles.. mainly the van.. but most noticable is the specularity failure on the parking booth.
    the parking lines in the paint but not on the blacktop in the middle left is also a minor give away.

    the alien ghostly guy behind the transpareent sheet in a night setting.. obvious fake.. the "cut line" of the photoshopping is far from even... not to mention only an led billboard can emit that much uniform light... problem is.. led billboards also dont have that possible level of resolution.

    indeed some very good ones... just a shame that half of them are doctored photos.

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    Dang cool billboards!

    I'm pretty sure I have seen multiple images of the paint splatter from different angles before. Not sure about the rest of them.

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