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Thread: PSX controller on a PC mod

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    PSX controller on a PC mod

    -soldering iron
    -wire cutters

    -PSX multitap - $2
    -db25 connector(printer port) and housing for the connector- $4
    -1n914 diodes - $2 for 50, of which i needed 5

    total= $8

    Heres a picture of the finished product hooked up and working:

    Heres what it shows up as in the game controllers window, and the game controller configuration window:

    As you can see, i only have 2 controllers plugged in but i can plug up to 4 up(including DDR pads), and use them with any game that can accept joystick input. This include alot of emulators, including mame32, which is what im currently using it with. For drivers, i used PSXpad.

    Heres a nice pretty schematic of how i wired it up, accept i wired up a multitap instead of a single controller:

    I chose not to wire up the addition 9 volts because i dont have much use for force feedback on mame games.

    So theres my little write up on my latest project, its very easy and cheap and its fun to be able to play mame games with it. If you want to use a PSX controller on the PC, i highly recommend this, i think anyone can do it with enough patience.

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    PSX controller on a PC mod

    Wow, I've never heard or seen anything like that. That is just fantastic, very interesting. Happy Modding.

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    PSX controller on a PC mod

    nice writeup i might have to do it so i can get the feel back for vice city.

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