I posted a threat like this a while back, lost it.. anyway.. heh..

I am getting into.. or trying to learn.. to design my own pc.. now.. I have the google software... remember I was recommended that.. But I also heard and read somewhere that there are resources out there where you can download basic models that people have made for computer components that you can get ahold of. Now, I know google sketch up isnt too good for doing measurements.. or so I have heard, but you can set the dimensions of an object manually using units of measure.. But, are there any other good programs for those who know little.. that you can do 3D models that you can set to scale and define their length and what not?

Basically I am looking to find something good so I can do a mock up of a skeleton for a custom mATX sized case..Doing the skeleton part first, so that I can get the first objective, make sure everything has a place to fit and have room for cooling.. Then secondary, build the custom body around that. So yea... help out someone who wants to learn?