Heya new question for you all who make the big bucks making cases. Where do you go for your parts? I am planning and designing my first ever case.. And I have finally realized I dont have to do everything from scratch. After getting the bright idea and looking around on some of the computer mod sites like frozencup and xoxide.. I finally found some of what I am looking for at www.performance-pcs.com What I am hoping some of you can do for me, is point me to some sites that sell mounting hardware either for DIY mod projects, or scrap peices taken from other cases. www.performance-pcs.com already has a Lan Li motherboard try that I can cut up and work with, and even cages for hard drives... I can probably work with some of the stuff there for 5.25 bays.. Most of what they have is bay devices that adapt a 5.25 for 3.25 use. They even sell basic square foot panels of aluminum.. mesh, and even acrylic.

What I am hoping to find now is something I can use in the way of a removable bay or mount that is used for ATX power supplies...That will save me time on some drilling and cutting I would think. Also, if there are "spare" mounting racks for all 5.25 or HD mounting that will be cool too. So far my limited knowledge has lead me to the aforementioned sites, but I assume there is more out there, because the pros here obviously get their materials from somewhere heheh.

Also.. What would any of you recommend for securing or joining aluminum? Could obviously use fasteners and tighten things in, but what about welding or some such? I haven't done welding.. soldering yes.. but not my own frabricating heh.

Thanks for your help and humoring me... Just a newb wanting to learn and do...do and learn XD