Currently I am using Google Sketch-Up to design a new pc, based off my old ION contest submition. I know it looks like a giant soccerbal or whatever many sided die... But sketch up doesnt do sphere based shapes very well hehe. Currently I am not done, pretty much got the primary housing for the motherboard and its components almost set, working on ventilation atm, going to have two forward fans for intake, and one primary fan for exhaust. You can see where I plan to put them where the mesh is. So far I may have a problem fitting a second fan on the right where the GPUs are, debating if I want to put in a thin profile or none at all to keep everything fitting. I plan to mount the PSU on the bottom, below the mobo area. Where you see the DVD drive is where I plan to mount my disc drive, and depending on how much room I am left with, I may mount some more stuff, maybe a second drive, likely a forward panel for buttons and ports. I do intend to have the outer shell and appearance of the sphere match that of one of GLaDOS's pods, and thanks to boxgods input, I think I will be able to both animate it, and make it spout some of GLaDOS's funny phrases.. Hopefully the song at the end heh.

Anyway, if anyone can give me suggestions or pointers the feel like giving as far as ideas or design aspects.. Feel free. Depending on how complex it gets, I may even try to learn Solid Works so that I can convert my idea and help it get machined.

Anyway, now the images!

This is the image from my ION model, but the design idea is the same, just on a larger scale obviously ^_^