Heh, just re installed and played through my copy of bioshock again. Being an oldschool fan of SHODAN and the system shock games...I know it was viewed as an the closest thing to system shock 3, and made by the same people. Sure you notice right off that there are similar elements between the two games...same things with different names...the regeneration stations....hacking...vending machines....even the plasmids vs the nano based abilities..Gameplay theme is generally the same...that's a given....But I just realised that a lot of the storyline from bioshock has a lot of the same themes and twists as well....shodan pretending to be the commander up until near the end when you find out what's truly up...same in bioshock...following and doing the bidding of this guy named atlas...thinking your helping him....only to find out he is the true bad guy...heh....one key element that I found was present in bioshock that made system shock 2 so great, was the random spawning of enemies to keep you on your toes...scaring the hit out of you when you think things are finally calming down...only to turn around and fight off an enemy that came out of nowhere hehe. I am amazed..it seems they purposefully tried to make bioshock play and feel as much as like system shock as they could for the fun of it.....anyone else feel this way? spout off with anything you found too...great game even a second time around!