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Thread: My First Mod Dooglotron

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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    This is a work in progress and I have no idea where I'll take this. I've seem many logs all over this forum and others, I've taken my notes and am finally going to jump in and play.

    I've come across a case at our local Universities clearance warehouse, where Joe Public can bid on or purchase, after a certain date, on almost anything from the University, I've chosen to purchase. The case in point here is an ATX case, but had a working Linux Ubuntu system in it, nothing to special though. I've got something in the works for this box. But on to some pics and log enteries.

    Day 1

    The Case

    Looks like a good place for a turbine fan

    The inside

    and back

    So, my thoughts were to move the HD tray to be inside of the 5.25" tray, since I'll be using (1) DVD/CD drive, why not. It'll just give me more room for a fan below.

    HDD tray

    The idea

    Down to some cutting off of useless tabs. Marked with an (X).

    Done cutting and now inplace except with no rivets quit yet. But, I noticed one little problem that is easily fixed.

    HDD tray sticks out a little too far for my liking.


    But, now I'll have to cut some of the 5.25" drive tray to be able to attach HDD's in their tray. Another easy fix." alt="" />
    and fixed.

    Day 2

    Onto front turbine fan placement and cutting of front bezel. I found an old CPU fan cooler side vent tube from an older case lieing around and thought it might work, guess what, it will.

    I'll have to do some bondo filling and then cut off excess, but you all get the idea.

    inside of bezel.

    Time to start cutting the fron t of the case now. And "Poof". Like magic it's done. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of this one while in progress.

    So, I started to think of some other air flow issues with this case and decided to add (2) other fan holes. (1) on the bottom (80mm)

    and (1) on top, another (80mm)

    Well, that's it for now. I'll post more soon. Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Day 3

    Well, not too much but still progress. I've decided to use (2) 120mm fans in front though. Have look, but first some other pics.

    Prepin' to remove some real estate.

    Back of case fan hole, used a dremel to do this.

    Real estate gone.

    My idea, even though it's been done before. But not by me.

    But, I noticed that I couldn't mount (2) 120mm fans to work and look right with the pvc tight together. So, I did this instead.

    So, I had to make a template out of cardboard. Actually part of a mobo box.

    Found some plexi lying around, so I used it for my mounting plate.

    and used some old case fans from my NZXT Zero case.

    Now, there is still some fine tuning of the fans on this mounting plate, good thing I made a second plate. I think I'll have to move the top fan a little still to be centered more in the tube.

    I did notice that I'll have to change the way I'm mounting the HDD's. I had to shorten up the DVD/CD drive bay, inwhich I lost the HDD's bay holder.

    Was thinking of using some thicker plexi and making a mount that was up on end at a right angle to the fans, so that the air would blow past the HDD's.

    That's it for now, more later. Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Day 4

    Well, I finally got started on the bezel re-construction. Hehe. Here's some pics.

    Gooping on the goo, so to say. First coat.

    After second coat and and some initial sanding.

    and some more.

    That's it for now, more soon.

    Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Day 5

    Minor update.

    As you can see, my adaption of the drive bays will be rather tight, as shown in this photo.

    So, to fix it, I've cut off a 1/2 inch on the bottom of the dvd/cd drive bay holder to give me a little more room to play.

    Here you can see how much room I've got now. The fans infront will have no flow restriction at all. I think she'll be quit cool inside.

    So, here's the case dismantled and ready for clean up before primer goes on. All case modding done except for side panel, that's next.

    And one more picture of front bezel on. Need's a little more fine tuning, at least you can get an idea of what's happening.

    Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Day 6

    Small update.

    I've begun the task of priming everything before painting. Pictures to follow. I still have some modding to do on the side panel window. I did pick up a new sander, makes life sooo much easier, but still need a jigsaw, thankfully my neighbor has one and I'll only need it for about 5 minutes. Hehe.

    My idea for side panel window. Not sure which lines I want to follow. Hehe.

    Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron


    Finally some pictures for you guys.

    Back together.

    Four feet or should I say four drawer pulls as feet.

    Finally working on the turbines.

    Front Bezel. Have one other paint effect to do to this, then some buffing.

    Top. Same as bezel, will have another color effect to it still.

    Side panel with window, yet there is no window yet, Hehe. Same, will have another color effect on what green color is here.

    The other side, same thing.

    Well, I have a lot more work to do still, just thought I'd give you folks a little peek at what I've been trying to do lately. The weather hasn't been cooperating. There's 4 coats of paint on everything besides 2 coats of primer. Hopefully I'll be able to show the box all together less a few minor details shortly.

    Thanks for looking,


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    My First Mod Dooglotron


    Well, the weather was just right today and I finished my jobs early. So, I did some more painting, the final effect on the exterior. I've seen some autobody painters doing this, I took cheesecloth of all things and taped it onto my panels and sprayed them with black. The pictures speak louder than words. To my surprise, the turned out AWESOME. :grin: Now, I'm no professional, but I think I did pretty good and it turned out just the way I was hoping. Also, I decided to to remove the stickers on my Evga 8800 GTS video card and start to paint it as well. Not quit finished though, it needs the effect on it too. I also made my own edging for the window out 1/4" OD vinyl tubing. I used the old power and reset switches but, I put them somewhere where they will not interfer with the front bezel's look and are still accessable. Drilled two holes ontop of the bezel for power light and hdd activity as well. They will be epoxied inplace so that they are just barely above the bezel. So, here you guys go, more pics.

    My test subject, the inside of the side panel that gets no love (not seen)

    The cheesecloth I used


    You can see the effect I'm trying to do here. This was a light spray

    The final spray on side window panel, a little heavier. Looks.

    Front bezel

    and the Top

    Position of switches

    Backside of bezel so you can get a better view

    Top of bezel lights

    Lights inplace to see.

    Vinyl tubing I cut 1/2 wat through

    Vinyl on window before painting effect and no window

    That's it for now, more soon. Thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Minor Update

    Thought I'd share some pics of things that are ready and things in motion. First off, I've assembled my brackets for my power and reset swithces as well as mounted them with a hot glue gun, but need to sleeve. Secondly, I installed the window using double sided tape. Thirdly, mounted the turbine fans, but like the switches, they need to be sleeved as well. And I've put it all together with what is done and took some pics so you can see how she'll look.



    Well, as you can see it'll look pretty good for a first complete mod. I've got lots to do still, so stay tuned and thanks for looking.


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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    Awesome looking case! Thanks for bring it over to modders-inc!

    I'm loving the black on green effect, I remember seeing a tv show where they used cheesecloth to make woodgrain. I can't wait to see what other mods you're going to add!

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    My First Mod Dooglotron

    This is some impressive work! Looking at your post date... you are a productive modding monkey getting all that done yesterday!!! WOW!!! (kidding, I know.... I know... )

    had never thought about relocating the switches to the inside of the front air ducts. One tired night and a set of bloody finger tips later, I have a serious respect for fan blades! Hopefully you dont learn the same way I did!

    Like the cheesecloth effect.

    Welcome in!

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