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Thread: Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Wassup everyone. This is my first worklog on this forum. I've been posting to for some time now, and saw another member yours from here posting there, so I thought I'd share my current work in progress here.

    It's been rather tedious work over this last week creating the sketchup model to scale and I'm still not done, but this is where I'm at with it. It also shows the color scheme I intend to use.

    To get started, I stripped every removable part out of the case and was left with this.

    After about an hour of drilling out riviets, (there's a million of them on this case), I had this...

    After taping off the original black coat of paint, I ran some twine between the trees in my backyard and began priming my dismantled case.



    While the primer dries, I began work on another part of this case.

    Hopefully I can get to putting some color to the primed pieces tomorrow.

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    I must say that this case is a beast. There's planty of room in it for my water cooling setup. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out too. Right now it's pretty much just paint, but who knows, maybe I'll get some inspiration for some custom mods; something more than just paint.


    So I got some more painting done today until it started raining and I had to move everything to the garage. I also got some work done on my
    home-made reservoir. Leaked tested and approved...

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)


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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Hey guys...

    I came acrossed this pic of a haf 932. The guy painted the HAF letters on the side panel. It came out very clean, but I'm not sure how he accomplished this. Any ideas??

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Vinyl stencil possibly?

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Likley vinyl, and I think I saw a boutique company that had the same graphics on their machines in an advertisement. LIkley a pre-purchased unit where the company put that graphic on the case.

    Just a guess though...

    Love the shades of blue and black... and they look good already hanging up and drying!

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Not too much happening on the mod so far this week. I had a few small runs in the paint, wet sanded then out and added another coat. I'm thinking I'll be able to start the reassembly of the case this weekend.

    I've decided to, when i have the time, pick up some liquid masking tape to outline the letters that are already painted on the case, and fill them in with the same color blue I'm using inside the case. The picture below shows where the lettering/logo is on the case...

    Also, I got the go ahead from wifey for christmas to perform an upgrade to my computer. Here's a list of the parts I'll bee adding to this build:

    - Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz

    - ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution

    - Kingston HyperX 6GB (3 x 2GB) KHX1600C9D3T1K3/6GX

    - KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-1000MA1S 1000W

    - 2x XFX GTX260 Core 216

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Wow! Nice upgrade components. Wish my wife would say ok and go ahead, but I'd be broke for Christmas. Haha.

    Any reason why you chose the Asus board? Just curious.


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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    Black and Blue (motherboard)

    and WOW I wish I could have that upgrade... what parts are you replacing?

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    Blue on Black (HAF 932 mod)

    because likly it supports SLI.. not many boards out there do that any more.. mostly crossfire support only.

    allt he mobos on cyberpower stopped supporting SLI.. real disapointing.

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