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Thread: Proper Heat Monitoring?

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    Proper Heat Monitoring?

    Hello, this is a question I fealt I should ask the professionals who have far more experience with this.

    I have used a fan controller/temp monitor in the past, an older AeroCool type. Now, I just want to make sure, and the answer to this would likely help people who are new to this as well..

    Now, the little sensor strip thing that you are supposed to attach to the surface of whatever you want to get a temp reading from... When placing the sensor for the CPU temp, where is the optimal place to affix the sensor? I placed my old one against the side of the heatsink... Is this the best place to get an accurate reading, or do you want to place it between the heatsink and cpu when mounting? Or what about underneath the cpu on the other side of the motherboard?

    What is the general consensus on the best place to place it? Thanks.

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    Proper Heat Monitoring?

    you can not put it between the CPU and heatsink, nothing should be between those two but a minimal amount of thermal paste.

    Put it on the lowest spot on the heatsink, out of direct airflow, farthest away from fins and closest to the CPU, maybe on the backside of sink next to, but not between the Sink/CPU

    I'm also thinking that something like a piece of tape over it might help it to be less susceptible to air blowing directly on it , don't know, something that doesnt conduct well, maybe scotch tape ?

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    Proper Heat Monitoring?

    DB has the right thoughts. Place the sensor as close as possible to the cpu but NEVER between the cpu and the heat sink. You are not going to get "true" temperature reading with the setup you are using. It is really meant to help monitor it for Dangerous High Temps.

    What you could do it do some placement testing with the sensor and a software temp monitor. Compare the results with the two and keep the place that matches the software version the best.

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    Proper Heat Monitoring?

    Oh duh! I forgot to just record the difference between software core temp monitoring and the sensor placement... I figured as close as possible to the cpu while not getting in the thermal goo was the best chance...When I plan on using the H50 from corsair, kind of hard to do that since the the pump and waterblock share the same housing in a large plastic I figured on it would be a bad idea in this case heh.

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