"Space... The Final Frontier... These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise..."

With Project: Blue shift drawing to a close, (its being held up currently by available funds) i have turned my attention to something that is very close to my heart. I am first and foremost a die hard Trekkie. (though i can say that i dont own a uniform lol so i guess I'm not that die hard lol) and after doing a Google search for star trek themed case mods i have to say that the pickings are quite slim, a few Borg cases and a NX-01. This means that its time for me to try my hand at my first themed case mod.

I give you Project: Enterprise

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 /A (Star Trek I-VI) and the trek ships of that era have always been my favorite design and will be the basis for this mod. Here is the victim for this mod. A case my boss gave me (mother board is dead only half of it has power but the psu checks out)

Whats left of the original p4 system (Dead)

My plan is to install a 180mm fan in the face plate and create a duct for it that will make it look like the main deflector dish. Then i am going to turn some of the drive bays into the Torpedo launchers (i think those will house the power and reset switches or possibly temperature gauges). I Plan to cut a custom window in the left side in the pattern of the traditional Star Trek Delta

In addition to the side panel i want to cut out the top panel to look like the side banners on the side of the enterprise engineering hull (i'll put up a pic of that later when i can find a good one) Next i will use styrene panels to cover the side front and top panels to make them look like the hull panels on the enterprise. The final peice will be a painted mural of the Enterprise on the right side panel to be painted by my brother in law Erick "Dub" Weir. I frankly don't have the skills to pull that off but my brother in law is one of the top tattoo artist in the the state and i haven't seen a medium he couldn't work with, be it paper, canvas, or skin, he does amazing work so i cant wait to see what he will come up with for this.

So stay tuned as i plan to start work on this project this weekend