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Thread: USB related question

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    USB related question

    I have to (soon to be useless) female USB ends, and wanted to make a two USB connection hub thingie (like newer monitors have on the sides) and was curious about it reckless to have two USB female ends that run/connect to one male end that's in the PC? (i took a little bit of electronics in HS, so i know what could happen if this gets done wrong)

    in-case that makes little to no sense...

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    USB related question

    This well result (if done properly) in something that allows you to have exactly ONE device plugged in at a time. If you plug in two, bad things happen. You need some type of circuitry involved to handle both being plugged in at the same time.

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    USB related question

    USB spec does not support that type of connection.
    Would not recommend it.

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    USB related question

    Fusinfun, what kinda circuitry would i need? a chip? if i do need a chip, i just may use the spare pieces as a USB extension cord...unless someone can show me the circuitry needed and what not

    i have a wasted PS2 slim, so if anyone knows (for sure) that i would be able to get the necessary parts off of that, that would help (it's where im going to get my USB females ends from)

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    USB related question

    You need whatever circuitry is inside of a USB hub. You're better off buying a standard hub and taking it apart than trying to wire up your own circuitry.

    Just go for the extension cable idea.

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    USB related question

    hmmm, yeah, haha, good call...

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