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Thread: Multple Questions, One Thread

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    Multple Questions, One Thread

    1) How many LED's (3.2V's) can you have powered by a USB hub (without capacitors or anything of that sort)? (if I remember right, USB hubs put out ~5v, but want to make sure before I start doing project plans.)

    2) Could case fans be powered off of a battery? (I looked at a couple of fans, and they said 12vDC, so I assume they can be, but I know it would take a battery, not a cell. As an add-on, 9v cells could be wired in parallel/series?)

    3) Power switches are wired into the ground end of a circuit, right?

    4) Could PS/2 be converted to USB?

    5) I'm looking into painting my keyboard, sanding it would be a good idea in-order for the paint to hold better and look better, right?

    I took basic electronics in HS, but that was 2yrs ago. I understand some things, but would love to get back into electronic work. Haha, I'll probably have thousands more questions as time goes on, so, please be patient if I ask dumb questions.

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    Multple Questions, One Thread

    So many questions!

    LEDs... it really depends on what type... In a practical sense you are looking at a maximum of 5v and 100** mA . That means about 5 ultrabright LEDs fit comfortably.
    **( 500mA if your LEDs are the ABSOLUTELY only device pulling power out of that port/are hooked to an AC powered hub)

    2) Short answer -> Yes
    Long Answer -> Why would you want to? The computer power supply is there for a reason... You could run 3 pairs of 9v batteries in series to drive two case fans pretty easily.

    3) Not necessarily, depends on what circuit you are building etc etc etc, I usually prefer to attach them to the positive voltage side of my circuits.

    4) Again, short answer: yes.
    Long answer -- converters that allow PS/2 keyboards and mice to connect to USB ports (IE in a laptop situation) are available, look to pay 15 bucks or so, USB to PS/2 converters are really just plug changers that change the shape of a USB port, the keyboard or mouse has to support them explicitly.

    5) I'll let people who have had success with painting chime in on that.

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    Multple Questions, One Thread

    haha, thanks again, Fusinfun...but, for PS/2 to USB conversion...i meant, DIY, haha (im a DIY kinda person...almost no matter what), like, cut the PS/2 connection and wire a USB

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    Multple Questions, One Thread

    That works, but only if the Keyboard/mouse was originally designed to do both (IE shipped with one of those little adapter dongles)

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