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Thread: Thank You MI

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    Thank You MI

    I would like to be able to shake hands with each and everyone of the MI staff but since that isn't possible then the best I can do is THANK YOU for the honor that you gave me when you posted Cash Box in the Featured Rigs section. That was a total shock when I clicked on the HERE link and I found myself in the Featured Rigs section and there was Cash Box with Lucid Dream. Again THANK YOU for that honor. EM3Bilko :idea:

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    Thank You MI

    Congrats em3bilko

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    Thank You MI

    No thank you for sharing your mod(s) with us.

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    Thank You MI

    Congrats em3bilko you deserve it and not to mention an unusual mod but enjoyed watching it come to life and reading the build with it's ups and downs.

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    Thank You MI

    Good stuff there em3bilko

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    Thank You MI

    Congrats em3bilko!

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    Thank You MI

    Yeah you surely deserve it man, thanks for sharing your log with us

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