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Thread: Epic A380 Mod

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    Epic A380 Mod

    I'm getting a little bored of my Xclio A380 case so I'm trying to decide how to mod it. This is only a rough idea of what I would like to do. I'm totally open to other Ideas and suggestions so let me know what your thinking.

    So the Idea is to mount a second 25cm fan in the front and redo the side to center the third 25cm fan. I know this configuration would not be the most efficient in terms of airflow but my system is already plenty cool so its all for looks at this point. I could probably fit the CD/DVD drive in between the front fans or maybe move it up top.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    looks like a pretty good concept to me, i think the dvd drive on the top is your best bet mate

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    Epic A380 Mod

    That would be a pretty sick mod. I like the idea a lot.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    Nice concept! Although you will need to add some tie-down straps to anchor that baby to the desk lol!

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    Epic A380 Mod

    lol Thanks guys I think im going to try and find a used A380 case somewhere so I can use the front shroud and side ducts. I checked out Xclios site and they have some new color changing fans so that might be a fun addition lol. Im thinking of putting the DVD drive mounted vertically so it comes out the top and see if I still have enough room to squeeze a touch screen fan controller in there.

    What do you guys think about colors? Black is always classy but I kinda want to do something different.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    I need some advice. I bought a SpinQ CPU Cooler a while ago but never got around to actually putting it in ( I was waiting to get a new CPU and mobo first), but I had some time last night so I threw it in. Unfortunately The side fan is about 5mm too deep. For now I just moved the fan from the inside to the outside but I don't really like how it looks and it sticks out a fair ways. So Im looking for alternate Ideas for the side panel.


    Edit: Here is an update on the SolidWorks model

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    Epic A380 Mod

    That's a craaaazy idea.
    Alternate side ideas: Move the side fans to the outside and tilt them toward the back just a bit. Then shape the panel like you did with the other fans, just flowing toward the front and into the other bulges.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    Thats not a bad idea cheap. I could use 2x 120mm or 80mm fans leaving the middle open to give a better view of the insides. I like how the SpinQ looks inside but the big 250mm fan blocks almost everything inside from view so smaller fans would probably work.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    I think I might ditch the side fan all together. I did a quick rendering without it and I really like the results. As for air flow I think If I have 2-3 120mm exhaust fans on the bottom that should provide ample airflow.

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    Epic A380 Mod

    I would just mesh the entire rear panel to allow the air to get out. No need for additional fans IMO.

    I like the side fan removal as well.

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