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Thread: Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    I just picked up an Apple Mac 512k on ebay

    It's already gutted, I just got the empty shell. I was thinking of going with an ION board since their is probably not much room inside for anything else. I have a few ideas but was wondering if anybody had any thoughts they would like to offer.

    (PS: Edited your link... -=TD)

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    So are you thinking about keeping it looking original?

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    I was actually thinking of a Black, case with UV Green Windows on the side, UV lighting on the inside with UV reactive paint/ Cable Sleeving, Blu-ray Reader/Writer, AIO Card Reader, Touch Screen Monitor... I don't know what else. That's why I was looking to see if anybody had any ideas I could probably work off of.

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    Im with AF, you could keep it as Original as possible but pack as many goodies as you can inside. Its such an icon as it is it doesn't need much to get peoples attention. I do think the touch screen would be cool.

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    Well, it'll be arriving tomorrow. Once it does I will post pictures. It has a bunch of stickers and crap on it, it's gonna need a real good cleaning. I'm gonna need to seal the floppy slot to make room for the Blu-ray. There are also alot of holes to seal up in the back. Do you guys have any ideas for sealing up holes? This is going to be my first major mod, and I want to get it right, especially since it's not like there are alot of these cases left that I could just pick up anywhere.

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    Does anybody know what the exact color of the old Macs are, and if I can get it in spray form?

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    haha, looks like "sweat stain yellow"...but, i do think this should stay orginial, and for plugging up holes, you could try putting some kinda wire mesh (you dont really wanna plug up too many holes, too tightly) pics of the back, so people can get a better idea...

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    I don't think Krylon sells "C*m Stain Yellow", but I'll look for it. LOL. About the holes, I was going to have to make new ones for the new MoBo. I was planning on keeping the original exhaust ports. But, like I said in a previous post, I will post pics tomorrow evening when the box arrives.

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    Well, the box just arrived. Pics coming tonight.

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    Apple Macintosh 512k Mod

    upload them to an image hosting site, such as or (i personally use then post them here

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