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Thread: Ken Block TRAX STI

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    Ken Block TRAX STI

    You know you want one. I know I do!

    Ken Block Snow TRAX STI

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    Ken Block TRAX STI

    Those would look great on my KIA!

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    Ken Block TRAX STI

    I WANT IT! but I'd rather have a stock STi anyday =D

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    Ken Block TRAX STI

    Id love to put those on my 02 WRX but I don't think Id have the same power as a full rally spec 09 STI :lol: . But they would really come in handy for those MN winters! Id be pulling soccer moms out of the ditch all winter.

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    Ken Block TRAX STI

    I think that is a little too much... The STi's are an awesome car and I have yet to get 1 stuck while going through wet/slightly muddy farm fields, ditches, etc. The tracks would add 1 advantage though... ground clearance which is why I don't care to go through really muddy farm fields, etc.

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