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Thread: Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    About the project:

    When the time has come for a new cabinet. Enclosure will be built from scratch and look to be a fairly common tower, but with a somewhat spessiel front. In front will be mounted two 120mm fans and the pattern you see in the sketch above shall spit out. Inside I will divide the cabinet into two chambers. In the bottom will be the power supply and hard drives and put in the upper chamber will you find the rest of the parts. As the distinction between the chamber should I try to create an arc that you can see in the picture below. A window will be placed in one side door.
    External dimensions of the box is: 56 x 54 x 24.5 cm


    - Thanks to Nitrob for help with the sketches!


    Gigabyte sponsoring the project with the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4890 1 GB!

    Enermax sponsoring the project with a Revolution85 + 1050W and Apollish fans!

    Roccat sponsoring the project with ROCCAT Kone, ROCCAT Taito and various stash!

    OCZ Technology to sponsor the project with various hardware!

    - Mnpctech spons the project with fan grills!

    - Dremel sponsor the project with a Dremel 400 Digital! to sponsor the project with 150,- to sponsor the project with discounts on the goods!

    Thanks for sponsorship!

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #1

    I have taken MFD disc and got cut up most of the plates. Have used the 16mm thick plates and screws 3mm, MDF'en tend to stretch so it is important to drilling in the disc before it will screw it up.

    Plates I had was to big for that Climb saga was too little, when I had to jack up the saga:

    This lowered the screws:

    Here is the first wall ready to be tightened:

    Now the front and bakplate in place:

    And here the top and bottom in place:

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #2

    Then it was time for a new update, have been cut to the motherboard tray. And the driver to think out a smart solution for hiding the cables under the motherboard tray. Will have at least possible with cables visible.

    Here, I marked where to cut:

    Right after cutting:

    Used the Dremel and file to get a finer result:

    And here I am finished:

    Sorry bad pictures, Tite was a little light, where I drove on.

    The second is on the program now is cutting the backplate and solutions for cable pulling.

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #3

    Now, I've been cutting holes for motherboard tray and PSU'en. But missing some Scrub even before I'm satisfied: wee:

    Have also been made four round cabinet feet, but has not been refurbished yet these either. It is made in the course of the weekend I think

    Marked and cutting:

    How was it:

    Has been raised and motherboard tray with a 16mm so I can fit all the cables under which:

    This motherboard has the board come up:

    Have also created holes for PSU'en:

    To create cabinet feet I used a hole-saw at 55mm:

    These should be repaired part before they are finished

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #4

    As you saw in the previous update, I have cut out four rounds of cabinet feet, now is the polished finish

    The first thing I did was to attach all the feet of a bolt and mounted it on the drill:

    I took the polish paper (P150) in hand and started the machine, is the result:

    After that I took and polished edge that will stand on the table, so that it was round and nice:

    Should have cleaned several parts of the cabinet for the weekend, so stay tuned!

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #5

    What I have done is to assemble the cabinet feet.


    May decrease the screws a bit:

    And here are the results:

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Looking good. That suckers going to be heavy though. WoW!

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Thank you!

    Yes, it's going to be heavy. But it will go fine

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Looks like a great start! Is see you use mm for your measurements so that tells me you might be outside of the US. Where you from and it is always nice to have other countries here as PC mods are a world wide thing. :-)

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    Project: Construction of a ATX cabinet!

    Update #6

    Has mount motherboard tray.

    Raised motherboard tray with a couple of lists:

    The result:

    Next on the list now is the front:

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