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Thread: where can i find a key???

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    where can i find a key???

    where can i find a key for the Keyed start switch?? i have the locks but cant find the keys can some one help me out please,here are some pics


    edited since the link went dead.

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    where can i find a key???

    its like one of those bike lock keys right?

    for the one i found on an old case (a tip from a guy on CaseModGod) take the back of a BIC pen, only BIC works, like the blue cap just take it off somehow and then shove it in si its real tight and turn just barely fits which turns the barrel of the lock.

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    where can i find a key???

    That looks like a standard barrel lock... who manufactured it? You might want to try to contact them with the serial # of the lock and see if they can provide you with a replacement key.

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    where can i find a key???

    thanks guys i am going to try what yall both said

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    where can i find a key???

    just take it in to your local lock-smith. They can usually help you out with them. They may be able to make you one just for it while your there.

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    where can i find a key???

    thanks guys for all your help i have found a key last night for it

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    where can i find a key???

    mad_mod_man07485, what's the deal with your signature (or just below your sign-off in your first message of this thread)? What I see there is the page I usually get when I go to Yahoo to check my email. It is telling me,
    The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible

    Please sign in and try again or check with the owner of the file.
    Are you using a signature that calls up a file on your Yahoo account? Below is what I am seeing (my screen resolution is 1280x1024 and I'm using IE maximized). Please fix it.


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    where can i find a key???

    He used the webpage code [web][/web] that inserts an entire page. Works much like the code, but without having to click a link. The page he posted there worked before, showing a picture of the lock. My guess is that he used a link from when he was signed in (bad, could get hacked), and his account has since timed out.

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    where can i find a key???

    Okay, so now it will be accessible any time he logs in because he has left a link to his page (note his name in it). Maybe it's Yahoo's fault, maybe it's mad_mod_man07485's, but there should be some attempt to understand how those "free" sites work. They work for the user, not the general public. If you want to take people to your personal pages, you should find some inexpensive server space, not something for free. "Free" really isn't free.


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