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Thread: I dont know what to call this mod...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    A few potentiometers for one fan?

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    If you are just doing a 12" cube, you won't need much glue. I'm still using my first pint, and I'm on my third plexi case.
    I'd recommend using the #3, (the watery stuff.) You will need to get the edges you want to join fairly flat and smooth for it to work right.
    I don't think you would need much for a frame, either. A one foot cube could be pretty sturdy if you brace it properly.
    I've never used 1/16" material, I think how 'strong' it is depends on how you handle it.

    -Ask that shop if they have a scrap bin when you get there.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    @Enamor84 I actually am planning for about 3 fans, I just won't buy and install the biggest ones until I have enough money...

    @ Cheapskate Oh that's a REALLY good idea.. I might even get some freebie or really cheap stuff that no one else wants... I assume you just got the smallest size of glue?

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    I've been thinking about it, and I think that dark blue trim with a small amount of red in the middle would look better. Assuming I can get the right shades... For now, I will just have to continue designing borders... I've also decided upon modding the front of my dvd drive with acrylic too to match the case. I have a HUGE amount of spare mini bulbs for Christmas lights (that time of the year ) that I can use for extra lighting. Anyone know what voltage these run off of? After this weekend I will most likely have the 6 clear sheets for the basic frame and because of thanksgiving break, there's a chance that I will be able to start cutting and assembling! I would like to have some "fragile" silhouette designs incorporated. Over this weekend I will show you guys what I'm talking about with a few pics. Works great in wood, but idk if this would work as well with acrylic. (I use the band-saw)

    By this Sunday, I should have a finalized hardware list of whats going into the case.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ahh, so you have tools. Christmas light bulbs are AC, so not the best idea.
    The can I bought was a pint. Smaller ones should be available.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Yes, I am fortunate enough to have an entire wood shop in my garage. Really the two things we are lacking are a lathe and a scroll saw. Of course lathes are too specific for the general woodworking my father does, and a scroll saw's work can be imitated with other tools. I got the great idea from pics in American Freak's At-At to build my own metal bender out of wood. Tomorrow afternoon I will post a few pics of my ideas...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok, sorry about the wait, I've been busier than I expected this weekend. Good news is I'm getting acrylic tomorrow if all goes well. Also, I have my official specs of this build as I have just finished purchasing the rest of the parts.

    amd phenom ii x4 955 3.1ghz stock (we will see how it oc's)
    cooler master v8 (I've heard about how you guys love it with the i7 on the podcasts and newegg had it for 49.99)
    msi 770-C45 (got a great deal with this and the ram for $50 on ebay)
    2 x 1gb patriot ddr3 1333mhz (I know it's lacking but I went for 4 cores on 2gb rather than 2 cores on 4gb)
    12g arctic silver thermal paste

    I got all the above parts for just around $290
    And these are the parts from my old build (paid about $320 total for these)

    EVGA geforce 9800 gx2
    ocz stealthXstream 600W psu
    western digital 1tb cavier black
    light-on dvd burner with lightscribe

    This brings my total to about $610, plus the case.

    As for the pictures, my camera is charging right now, I should be able to get some up tomorrow morning.
    For the case, will 1/4 in acrylic be sturdy enough just glued along the edges or do I need extra bracing? I went to home depot today and checked their prices. Pretty high. The only 1/4 in. thick was $60 for 3x4 ft of lexon. I only need about 7 square feet of clear so this was slightly overkill. They had 1/8 but I found it was way too flexible.

    Another question for those with acrylic experience... my mother is worried about plastic dust. When you cut it, how does it compare to hardwood for dust levels? Is it fine or heavy dust? Thanks for the input ahead of time

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Cutting it produces varying degrees of dust... I had a dremel bit that melted the dust into little globs that I scraped off later with a bit of wood... Anything that flew was too large to be called dust or be inhaled.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok thanks. I still don't have pictures of ideas. My family decided to clean the house today, so I will see when I have time...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Good news! I bought the acrylic, or what I think I will need. I basically have clear and clear blue and opaque blue and opaque red. With glue and 5/8" cubes to help structurally, the total was about $68. I did get much more than I would have online though, so we will see what I come up with on how to use it. Right now I'm aiming for a clear cube with trim of the clear blue. The only bad thing is the clear blue is much lighter than I would have hoped. I will finish clearing space in my room today so I can start on it tomorrow. After I get the cube together with the hardware inside, I think I will have a much better idea of how to trim it up with the colors. Most of the parts should arrive this Weds if all goes well. I still haven't found a lot of the stuff I'm planning to use so I haven't bothered taking pics yet, at least until I have a usable space cleared in my room. Also, there's snow on the ground so I don't know how cold it will be tomorrow for working. Fingers crossed

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