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Thread: I dont know what to call this mod...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok, I am close to cutting some of the parts for the cube. In order to get the edges smooth, what is the easiest way? I understand that sand paper will work, but is that my best option? How fine of grit should I go? Thanks.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    FINALLY got some pictures... hopefully I can get them to work on the first try.

    This is the clear and clear blue that I got. The clear is 1/4 in and the rest is 1/8 in.

    This is the opaque blue and red I got.

    These are edges of the pics, that didn't come out well, but the edges are still pretty rough.

    And this is a pic of my hardware that I already have for the build.

    Here is some old material I found in my closet, the glue, and some clear cubes I bought to stabilize the corners.

    The wood silhouette that I made with a band-saw (would like to do something similar with some of the blue maybe)

    And finally my cat on my bed that has been keeping me company today

    Hope I can start cutting tomorrow...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok, I will cut the clear cube's sides, and the motherboard tray. I don't have time to take pictures with homework and all tonight, but before I do too much else, I will have pics up here...
    Next I will

    cut out the clear peices
    mark holes in the mobo tray for under the cpu and pci-e so I can put lighting in...
    mark holes in the mobo tray for cables...
    mark a hole in the back for the psu...
    mark a hole in the back for the i/o ports...
    mark a hole in the back for the graphics card...
    and a bunch of other random things like buy a few more led's and some potentiometers. I also need some switches for the lights.

    I have a question, if anyone might have any ideas. My WD caviar black 1tb runs a litle hot. My mom used to work at hp and we have a bunch of heat sinks that are perfect size for cooling a hdd... problem is, the hdd has a sticker where cooling grease would go. I might just go without grease as some cooling is better than no cooling, but I can't figure out how to hold the heat sink to the hdd. The heat sink covers the entire top of the hdd and has 9 fins evenly spaced along the top. They are spaced along the 3.5 in. so are long. I thought of wire, but that doesn't seam like it would work very long. I'm thinking that acrylic through the two outside fins on each side of the heat sink might work if I can get bolts or something through the end. It is a passive heat sink btw and the fins are about 2 in tall. Basically I have 2 problems out of this. There is no way to use a thermal grease without removing the sticker with all the info like the model and serial number. Then there is no easy way to attach the heat sink to the hdd without building a custom holder. But maybe I am over looking something obvious...

    Ok that's all for now, I need to get to work

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Sanding: I use 150 grit to flatten out my gluing surfaces. For edge polish I work down starting with 150, then 240, 300, 400, then buff the edges. If it's a surface that needs cleaned up, I sand down to 600 grit before I buff.

    Hard drive sink: The top isn't the best surface to dissipate heat from, but it's worth a try.
    Scan the stuff on the top of the drive if you really need it. The big problem is there's usually a breather hole located on the top plate somewhere. You can't cover that.
    To mount the sink, you could use thermal epoxy.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok sound's good. I just finished cutting out my motherboard tray, and am in the process of sanding it. Having real problems with sanding in the holes for the cables. I also cut a hole in the center for lighting but the edges are kinda rough so it will take a long time to sand that down... Found some bolts and rubber plumbing washers with nuts to hold the motherboard in place. Just need to finish sanding it and I promise I will give you guys a picture. I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I'm going to focus entirely on the essentials so I have a running pc asap... this means the front, back, mobo tray, and bottom. Everything else will be removable so why should I bother with it now? Just have to remember to add holes in the cubes for the bolts to hold the sides on (you will see what I mean).

    And I have all the outside edges down to 200 grit and one down to 600. I tried steel wool but found it wasn't any better than the 600. The holes are going to be a pain though... I hate to go out and spend tons of $$ on more tools but I'm thinking that I'm going to need a 90 degree attachment for my dremel to drill holes in the mobo tray for lighting. Maybe I can find a thinner drill... I didn't quite get a functional computer together today, but I am really close to having a motherboard tray.

    Another question for those with acrylic experience. The acrylic is pretty static prone. Should I put grounds on the motherboard screws and connect them to the psu case? Maybe just ground the i/o ports... Well, I will try to get more sanding done tonight and then sleep... hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I have more time.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Oh....Yeah, I forgot Colorado's static problem. I don't have any problems here. Ground wires might not be a bad idea where you are.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ok, I found a case modding competition on another site but apparently I'm not allowed to post a work log anywhere else or receive advice. I don't know if it is too late with the tips you guys helped me out with but until I know whether I can compete, I will not be posting anything more here. As far as I can tell, the comp ends in July so I should be allowed to post everything here then. I will keep pics and stuff for this log. The comp is on btw if anyone wants to join in the fun.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Ha ha... I was browsing fan controllers and I came upon one that looked cheap but still had a lot of features. The description was poor english but I got through it. By the time I was halfway down the list I was thinking it was a decent deal. Then I got to the bottom.

    * 5.25 Inch LCD Control Panel CPU HD Temp FanSpeed Display
    * This is a 5.25" LCD controller panel, as well as a temperature displayer for the CPU HD of your computer, the LCD indicator can show it clearly, easy to read.
    * This CPU HD LCD has time display function, it's a clock itselt.
    * The LCD indicator is colorful. If you the changing color make you dizzy, sure you can fix it to one color you want
    * LCD function of temp-indicate mode, indicator for the mode of CPU/HDD/VGA, indicator for fan speed, indicator for temperature, indicator for operating of HDD, Time indicator, Indicator the operation for Power supplier
    * The temperature probes can be located where you wish. check your temps at a glance with this stylish monitor.
    * Displays are powered by IDE power connector.
    * The sensors are the super-thin plastic sheet type, which makes it easy to wedge them into small gaps, like the one between a CPU and its heat sink

    *SHUDDER* if this is what they designed it for then I don't think I want it to be in charge of cooling...

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