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    Mod questions

    I was thinking of doing a mod with the top hinged, but i dont want screws showing on the outside of the case. What would be the best way to secure the top panel to the rest of the case without having screws on the exterior?Also I want to make part of the mod a refridgerator, but am not sure how to cool it. I was thinking of disassembling some of these: and placing the cooling pads on the exterior of the area i want cooled, but i was wondering if anyone had a better suggestion.

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    Mod questions

    You could do screws/rivets, then do some kind of fiberglass/bondo over the top and repaint the case...

    or you could look into spot/arc welding the hinge to the panel --- but you'd have to repaint again

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    Mod questions

    The make super strong epoxy. You can use that and it might work. Depending on the type of hinge you use.

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