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Thread: Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    Here's a simple mod a made up for my 9yr old son for Christmas. I went with the Panzer theme and painted it to look like a WWII Panzer tank pic I found on the interweb.

    I drew my inspiration from this tank and thought I'd try and match the paint job.

    It's nothing too fancy. I painted the case Desert Tan then added some Olive green paint for the CAMO effect. Cut a Window in one side. The only real structural mod I did was rotate that stupid Hard Drive cage at the bottom of the bays. That way when I put HD's in there it won't overhang the Mobo.

    detail of the front ports.

    Interior view. You can see the taped on tinted plex for the window as well as the rotated HD cage

    close up of the Iron Cross window.

    Detail of the HD racks. This will make wire management so much easier. Not to mention the HD's not sticking out over the mobo. I'm leaving out the bottome racks as I feel it diminishes airflow to the graphics card.

    Here's a close up of the front logo. I didn't want it to be to Nazi-ish so I just put something kinda general here. Plus it's for a 9 yr. old and I thought he'd like this better.

    Well I hoped you liked it. Now I just have to save up to put some hardware in there for the kid. He's ready to get his frag on and he's been using my old old old OLD XP3200 AGP system. He's due for an upgrade. :lol:

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    So cool, so simple.... great work Shel!
    He's not on the forums... is he?

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    NICE one man! Love the look and I bet NZXT would like to see you mod as well.

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    Very nice paint, reminds me of the good old days playing DC Final with the CDU

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    is that hand painted ?

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    The tan was painted with a Matthews automotive Matte paint using a paint gun. The Green is a painted with a spray can. I think it was a Krylon Matte Olive green.

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    I want to get oen for my Marine friend. He's love this! That is really cool! :twisted:

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    looks great shel, only hope that when I get into painting cases that it comes out as good as yours.

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    Panzerbox Mod Tank Mod

    Great job. Nice and simple. Clean.


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