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Thread: Where is the Zalman?

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    Where is the Zalman?

    I suddenly got a question. Where is Zalman company. I think that it may be located in German. They said that they will give some prizes through contest. But how they can ship that prize to someone in other country?

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    Where is the Zalman?


    What is this in refernce to? What contest? what prizes?

    A quick google will show you they are HQ in Korea and have a US office in California.

    Do they have an office in germany.. that is a possiblity to support the European market.

    - Ton

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    Where is the Zalman?

    Thank you for your explanations. I didn't know that before. About the Contest, Zalman will give prizes to winner through simple contest in the Zalman Forum. If you have any interests about that, go to the Zalman Forum

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    Where is the Zalman?

    I've used Zalman HSF on all my machines since 2000 and havn't had a one go bad, great for OC

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