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Thread: Motherboard Trays

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    Motherboard Trays

    So I'm sitting here thinking about a new mod, and one thing in particular is the motherboard tray. I've done mostly scratch builds, and for me this has often meant finding an old garbage case and cutting out the tray. I've also recently made one from a thick piece of aluminum that was really nice, but getting everything cut out and lined up was a pain, and it really wasn't perfect.

    Of course I've seen a favorite is the lian li replacement tray found here -

    But to me that looks a little flimsy and will still require some modding of it's own. For instance that 80mm fan and that meshy little area above the pci slots is usually done away with. Are those pretty much the only options? Anyway have any thoughts on that product?

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    Motherboard Trays

    design your own and have a metal shop cut it with plasma or laser cutter

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    Motherboard Trays

    Maybe eBay or craigslist?

    Maybe Cooler Master or another case maker might have some?

    I did a quick search and sure seems that a lot of people are looking for them

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    Motherboard Trays

    design your own and have a metal shop cut it with plasma or laser cutter
    Yea, that option is definitely off the table due to the price, at least for me. I may lean to just perfecting my own and cutting it myself with a scroll saw or something though, I was just looking for cheap ways of skipping this step.
    This one looks like a good option. So that's 2, thanks AF. And your right, a lot of people are looking for them. That's what im saying, it seems to me that even these two are replacements that i would still mod just a little bit. I would love it it a manufacturer made, just a really solid starting point to do a scratch build off of.

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