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Thread: De-Soldering Circuit Board

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    I want to de-solder an entire circuit board. What's the easiest/fastest way to do it?

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    There are two things you can use to do this: Desoldering Braid(which i use) or a solder sucker. Either one takes a bit of time and patience to remove all the solder from whatever you are removing. What kind of circuit board are you planning on desoldering? and is it Surface mounted or straight through?

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    Hmmm, I was hoping that there would be another way then just sucking the solder up. It's an old receiver for a wireless mouse (even has the PS/2 connection!). And straight through, I'm pretty sure. I'm just too lazy to find my screw driver right now.

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    Well if you place it under you pillow and when you wake up in the morning it might be done, oh wait thats the tooth faerie. Kunaire is right you are going to have to so work to do it, but I bet it wont take you long to do once you get in to a rhythm.

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    Nice trick that works great for surface mount is a hot air gun -- My butane soldering iron had a nice blower feature that would get hot enough to melt decent areas of solder.

    If its through hole, your best bet is the solder sucker.

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    De-Soldering Circuit Board

    Bah, was afraid of that. Oh, well, chance to use the soldier sucker.

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