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    New Modder

    Hey I'm new around here, and read the list of tool for modding, did some research, and am a bit confused on what dremel to buy. What dremels do you guys use and what do you recommend?

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    New Modder

    General rules I have seen:

    Brushless is better than brushed
    Adjustable speed is better than 3speed or fixed speed
    cordless is 90% worthless.

    Not personally having a workspace, I have a $20 costco purchase that works fine for the occasional cutting, but I definitely see how some of the other ones are better.

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    New Modder

    Agree - but sometimes hard to find
    Agree - Must have IMHO
    Agree -

    I believe I have a 4000 Series Dremel that I bought as a kit, which I think is a good way to get them. You get plenty of other stuff for very little money added onto the overall price.

    Any good rotary tool is a good investment and depending on what you want to do you can go for the less priced ones. Mild cutting and stuff would be fine and even some heavy usage, but just don't push it to much.

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