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Thread: Keyboard Related questions

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    Keyboard Related questions

    Well, I'm trying to mod my keyboard (paint, LED replacement, bondo places) and I don't know how to find what the voltage the LED's have. It's a PS/2 connection so it gets 5v, there's a capacitor (10uF, 50v) and one resistor (5.7K ohms). If anyone could give me the equation (in layman terms), that would be much appreciated.

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    Keyboard Related questions

    The standard low normal power red/amber/green LEDs (if you can tell what color they are without turning it on assume they are in this category) drop about 2 volts and you want to put 15 mA across them. that means dropping about 3 volts across your resistor. Now the formula is V= IR where V is voltage, I is current (in Amps) and R is resistance.

    You should be able to drop just about any LED that fits in there - just make sure you match the polarities correctly, and possibly include a resistor to dim them to your preferred brightness.

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    Keyboard Related questions

    Another question, on the circuit board for my keyboard, it has DCVG next to the wires. Is it save to assume that those stand for Data, Clock, Voltage, Ground?

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    Keyboard Related questions

    It could be... I'm not sure if the PS/2 bus has clock synchronized signals though... Thats a better question for pinouts or schematics I'm afraid.

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