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Thread: Project: Stalin's Desktop

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    Well I had a cheap compUSA case laying around that needed a desperate
    redo, so I decided to do a mod.

    Not knowing what theme I could use for it, I thought of a good one while
    playing COD2. Why not make a soviet themed computer? They have been
    around in almost every popular war game.

    The first thing I want to do in my mod is get rid of the ugly blow hole side
    of the case and make a window. Using measurements and a little trick
    from Modders Inc. I drew out a window.

    For cutting, I used a combination of the dremel and the jig saw.


    For the side that does not have a window, i decided to have a golden
    backlit hammer sickle. Cutting it out meant having to make a stencil in

    Again using careful cutting and just a cutoff wheel this time I cut out a
    hammer and sickle.

    Well this is all the work I have done today. I going to try to get a sketchup
    version of this so you all can see what this is like.

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    Looking good so far, you're idea of a Soviet theme is great. Your right about that they are in every war game out it seems, so I think for a gaming machine your on the right track. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your mod with us. Happy Modding. :idea:

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    DUDE, how did you get the pot cut into the looks sooo

    Great start and thanks for posting your stuff here!

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    Off to a good start....

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    thanks for the support!

    This is a rough sketch from sketch up.

    The three ducts at the top will serve as blow holes for the koolance water cooling system im putting in.

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    i have a bunch of lexan in garage stored which im going to spray goldenrod yellow and backlight. thats what im hoping to get done today.

    as for three ducts on the top. im trying to get the look of a Nuke generator which were used alot by the soviets. i was looking around modders inc and i like the way Defyant has been doing them.

    This Defyants mod down here:

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    some bondo work today. i wanted to get rid of some ugly parts of case
    window. i also did the actual striping of the case a few days ago. as you
    can see there is some rust on the case. there was a downpour in austin this
    past weekend (i left the case outside). im also hoping to get the window painted today.

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    Looking good.

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    well i've been sanding all im going to put this to rest and start painting tommarow. i wanted to get
    priming done today. sometimes you just can do everything all at once.

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    Project: Stalin's Desktop

    Looking real good qoou and keep up the great work ...........Rofl @ AF

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