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Thread: looking for a modding video

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    looking for a modding video

    I'm looking for a modding video i saw a while back they use a bunch(I don't remember for sure but i think it was like 5 of them) of processors to make this crazy fast computer it opened all the apps on the start menu in like 5 second I think they where using intel processors but I don't remember if it was the i7 or i5 processors does any one know where i can find this video or one like it

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    looking for a modding video

    I know they have done a video like this with a single processor and a decent SSD....

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    looking for a modding video

    Pheonix Technologies BIOS 1.3 Seconds boot

    The above link is for a laptop that boots the BIOS in 1.3 seconds and can see the Windows 7 screen in less than 10 seconds.

    As for a multi-CPU computer, I haven't seen a video like that. It brings to mind the Intel Skulltrail demonstration computer, but I don't remember it setting records for load times or anything.

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