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Thread: .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    I'm building a District 9 theme computer. The design is influenced by the Prawn Arc gun shown here.

    Case Mods & Supplies used in this project are sponsored by

    Machined Aluminum Computer Case Feet Link

    Acoustical Sound Proofing Sheets for your PC

    Mnpctech is now stocking clear and colored sheets of cast acrylic for window mods

    This is the Honeycomb Modders Mesh
    we used.

    PC Cable management clamps

    The canvas for this PC build is the Cooler Master 840 ATCS

    Adding window to Cooler master 840 ATCS

    Using tape roll to make curved corner

    Make first initial cut with your Dremel and cutting wheel, to allow use of Jigsaw and cut the window more efficiently

    You have created slot, this allows using a Jigsaw w/ 18 TPI cutting blade

    Using a Jigsaw is much quicker than using a Dremel to cut your window

    Use a rounded side file to debur the jagged edges of the new window

    Notice the window location doesn't reveal the drive bays, this was intentional.

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    w00t! another Bill project . . . .Your case feet are my fav . . . .use them on all my Danger Den cases. well, except my server case which needed really tall legs. You really should make them anodized in a variety of colors . . . .like Skittles

    Side note: If you want to come to PDXLAN 15 in January I have a seat for you. Need to know soon though. if not then perhaps in July.

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    Yay! Another one!
    I want to be the first to get the hardware pron/prawn joke out.

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    Thank you! I was flattered when I saw them on the Nvidia Charity build Darth!

    lol @ prawn joke

    Upgrading the 840's stock 120mm exhaust fan to 140mm fan.

    Cooler Master 840 ATCS rear 120mm exhaust

    I'm holding up a 140mm Cooler Master fan over the stock 120mm grill. "Will it fit without anything obstructing it?"

    The location of the 140mm fan resides along the crease on the back plate.

    Making the initial cut with Rotary tool and reinforced cutting wheel before using Jigsaw

    Using Jigsaw with 18 TPI metal cutting blade

    Using rounded side hand file to clean up burrs along the edge of the cut.

    140mm opening is cleaned up, next is drilling mounting holes for 140mm fan

    vibration dampening fan grommets

    Using a 1/4" size drill bit to make the mounting holes, this allows the fan grommets to fit.

    Vibration dampening fan grommets installed.

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    CM is planning to show their new V-series cooler in this system at CES, they wouldn't reveal the model to me. I may rig a Cat Food can as cpu cooler, just for joke when they open the

    Cooler Master only sent 1 hard drive, so no sense in keeping the HD bay!

    Use 1/8" drill bit to remove HD bay

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    i didn't know you could buy colored acrylic here thanks! and im gonna try those grommets for the fans! cant wait to see more!

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    Hey you got hardware for your build from them? I only got the case and a power supply for my build for CES. I have no idea what they plan to with it. I guess I don't rank as high as you Bill. :-)

    So far it looks good.

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    Yes, I did, but it's nothing worth bragging about. I told them this should have been watercooled. Can't you see the Prawn canister as the res?!

    Find out what their intentions are for your case Dewayne.

    1/4" thick acrylic sheets will act as reinforced segments of the side panels.

    Heres a close up of the vertical blade cutting 1/4" acrylic sheet

    These edges are not acceptable

    Black & Decker Mouse Sander with Medium grit sandpaper

    Thats better!

    Starting on other side tonight, this side still needs exploded hole, and I need to get more 1/4" socket head screws. Those will be countersunk

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    I've cut the window from Lexan. It's tougher than plexiglass/acrylic, but 2 or 3 times more expensive. It won't shatter or crack "easily" You can buy Lexan sheets at Home Depot, Lowes and some hardware stores like Ace.

    The window will be fastened with 1/4" socket head screws, for reinforced armour look

    Using center punch to mark each fastener hole.

    Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr Hand Punch kit available here
    Hand punch (estimate $60 new)

    "Look Ma, No deburring needed!"

    The benefit of using Lexan is that you can drill or hand punch it without cracking it.

    Clean hole cut! I love Lexan.

    Ironically our concept drawing calls for bullet holes in the Lexan "bullet proof"

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    .::District 9::. PRAWN PC 2010 CES mention with M-I&qu

    Love the LEXAN, made a whole (pun not intended) case of the stuff. My case is all done and ready to be shipped out. Will post it up soon.

    Yes the res would have been very cool as part of the gun, but I am sure that you will go way above that with the mod.

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