I'm building a District 9 theme computer. The design is influenced by the Prawn Arc gun shown here.

Case Mods & Supplies used in this project are sponsored by Mnpctech.com

Machined Aluminum Computer Case Feet Link

Acoustical Sound Proofing Sheets for your PC

Mnpctech is now stocking clear and colored sheets of cast acrylic for window mods


This is the Honeycomb Modders Mesh
we used.

PC Cable management clamps

The canvas for this PC build is the Cooler Master 840 ATCS

Adding window to Cooler master 840 ATCS

Using tape roll to make curved corner

Make first initial cut with your Dremel and cutting wheel, to allow use of Jigsaw and cut the window more efficiently

You have created slot, this allows using a Jigsaw w/ 18 TPI cutting blade

Using a Jigsaw is much quicker than using a Dremel to cut your window

Use a rounded side file to debur the jagged edges of the new window

Notice the window location doesn't reveal the drive bays, this was intentional.