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Thread: The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

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    The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

    Hello every one, I know its been some time but hay.

    I am currently working on the idea of modding my antec 900 case with a biohazard theme.
    i have a custom liquid cooling kit for it coming.

    Here is the image that started off the idea.

    I started off with just painting a few parts of the Antec 900 as you can see below.

    This Mod is built by the Admin of AZCS so dont forget to come see for full updates, i will try and post here as much as i can.

    Thank you and see you all soon

    Aaron Bowie

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    The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

    **** UPDATE ****

    Well all the pics are now up and im hoping to get hold of my 400mm x 400mm biohazard vinyl in the next few days.

    I will keep you up to date

    Aaron Bowie

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    The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

    If you have any other ideas to help please let me know as im always open to new ones


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    The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

    :: UPDATE ::

    Ok i have managed to find some time to get my vinyls on here is how its looking so far

    to see the full update click d-118

    If u have any ideas please just say

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    The Biohazard AZCS 900 MOD

    Looks awesome mate That orange just seems to pop out!


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