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Thread: quiet down big empty case

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    quiet down big empty case

    any easy cheap method to quiet down a pc in a big cheap aluminum case?

    amd sempron le-1150 2.0ghz
    nvidia geforce 9400gt
    3gb ram
    320gb hdd (ide), 160gb hdd (sata)
    lightscribe dvd burner
    450 w cheap power supply
    flimsy aluminum case

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    quiet down big empty case

    You could try making the case less flimsy. If it's moving, it's making noise. But, it really depends on what's making the noise (fan, HD, cpu, etc).

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    quiet down big empty case

    It is pretty flimsy. I cant tell what is making the racket. I guess it could be the cpu cooler. I replaced the PSU fan and it sounded the exact same, but I only have uv 80mm fans to test. I plan on replacing the processor with a athlon dual core and hopefully the stock cooler will be quieter. right now I have a hoopty sunbeamtech cooler. HDs are really quiet and so is the GPU fan.

    I cranked down every screw even went and put more screws in the hdd's and dvd. got some flat top fan screws for the psu fan to make it sit flush with the case (it had round top screws). moved the case door fan to the back of the case so the case door has nothing vibrating it. Just bothers me that my papa's old (2003) dell I fixed last night is silent. Its time for a new psu, processor and case.

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    quiet down big empty case

    Fans that come with heatsinks I find are either quiet but do not move enough air or move a good amount of air but are too noisy. I'm a big fan of Scythe and their high CFM/low db fans like the S-Flex series. You may want to check into a different fan for your heatsink if you have isolated it as the problem.

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    quiet down big empty case

    With my aluminum case, the hard drives make a lot of noise because they vibrate the casing. Try removing the hard drives and see if it changes something.

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    quiet down big empty case

    Here's somethings that wouldn't hurt to look into, if you find you're problem can be solved with them and If it is your hard drives, depending on how they are set up, you could possibly use those fan grommets to silence them (if they hang) but if they lay down, all I can think of is some kinda rubber or something (maybe gasket rubber) and having them rest on it.

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