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Thread: Google Wave

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    Google Wave

    OK, does anyone have this? I finally got an invite and quickly jumped in and well I have yet to fully grasp the idea of it. I think, as it is now, it would be an awesome idea for employee's of companies to communicate to each other on projects and stuff. But for everyday usage for the average Joe I am not to sure. Comments?

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    Google Wave

    I have it but no one else I know does so its kind of pointless at the moment. I can see how it would be a nice alternative to facebook when its opened up to the public but as of now it doesn't work well on the invite only basis. Until its opened up to everyone and more people start using it its just not that useful. (personal opinion)

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    Google Wave

    I got the Google Bird instead of wave

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    Google Wave

    I think it is all a conspiracy for Google to be able to take over the world!

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    Google Wave

    I got the Google Bird instead of wave
    You have a cat named Google?

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    Google Wave

    everyone knows that everything thing on the internet (and by extension google) is lolcats and porn.

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    Google Wave

    Yes that is very true...

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