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Thread: Making a fan/CCFL-bus

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    Making a fan/CCFL-bus

    Hey guys,

    I found this guide...

    I've done some reading on various forums and I saw that you can make pretty much any fanbus to a lightbus
    and I was wondering would this be the same for this "rehostat" aswell?

    The guide suggests using a 2.2kohm pot, and I was wondering if I could use a 50kohm pot.
    Would it work with a 50kohm one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Making a fan/CCFL-bus

    Well you cant put a CCFL on a rheostat as it basically a florescent bulb and they can not be dimmed unless they designed to do so. So LEDs are the way to go and much safer. I also think that a 50k rheostat would probably work as I think it would allow for more wattage to be passed through it. But if you use LEDS they do not require that much wattage.

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    Making a fan/CCFL-bus

    Idk cuz I saw that sunbeam vantec rehostat that says on the box that it will work with CCFLs
    and I was thinking well if that one works theres no reason for other to not work

    guess I'll just have to give it a try

    Anyone here ever tried hooking up his CCFLs to a rehostat/fanbus/whatever?

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