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Thread: Deathcore mod worklog

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    Deathcore mod worklog



    I'm quite unique as not many modders are also Deathcore fans. You might ask "WTF is Deathcore?". Deathcore is a genere of heavy metal which is a fusion between death metal and metalcore (DEATH - from the first CORE - from metalcore...makes sense?) which is specific because of its brutality use of brakedowns (parts of the song thich are slow, heavy and get you headbanging) and melodic riffs. It is generally fast and has the death metal low growl and the high pitched scream from metalcore on the vocals.

    Well in simple words its a type of extreme heavy metal. Music you don't hear on the radio. And that's what my mod is going to be about.

    Listen to bands like All shall perish, Suicide Silence, Desipised Icon, or Carnifex to hear some good Deathcore.


    Baisicly lots of fire, guitars, drums, band names, green, red and more fire! I would like to have a window in the shape of someone doing the devil horns. (all can be seen on the picture below) I have already scethed and put on my PC the design of one side (you know which one I'm talking about). All are stickers APART FROM THE DEVIL HORNS (rock on what ever...THE HAND!) Keep in mind I only had paint to do this and the "Deathcore" was just a quick sketch!

    oh btw BREE is a vocal technique used in Deathcore.
    (listen to this at 0:31)

    OK now on the corners I want something like this design.

    Can you see any future problems?

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    Deathcore mod worklog


    My first real mod! Ok so now a shopping list before I can start modding.

    1) Clear acrylic cut into this shape

    2) A Dremel or a Dremel-like tool to cut the window in the case

    3) Lots of vynil. I'm lucky I have access to a vynil cutter.

    4) Green spray paint for highlights and other things. The case is already black.

    Can you guys think of anything else I would need to buy? Imagine I have NOTHING and thease were the the things I'm gonna buy to mod.

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    A drill, gotta have a drill.
    A big shed.

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    Ok thanks! Well I'm in luck again cos I have one. Yes i will need it for drilling fan holes as you will see in my future updates.

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    You may also need:
    1- Masking tape (but I guess you might not need it with the vinyl.
    2- Double-sided tape - the red 3M stuff is awesome.
    3- Some U-channel molding for the edges of the window you cut. It makes it look cleaner. You can get some here:
    4- Some metal files to take down those sharp edges.
    5. A Sharpie permanent marker. I'm not sure exactly what you may need it for, but it's always good to have one handy.
    6. A square. You could use a carpenter's square, but I prefer a sliding square.

    How are you planning on attaching the plexiglass to the side panel? You could do it with either screws or double-sided tape. It depends on the look you're going for. I believe tape is easier (no drilling and no lining-up holes), but screws would give it a more "rugged" or "industrial" look.

    Please post some "before" pics of the case.

    Good luck. Cool idea too. I used to be in a "metal" band, so I can appreciate the concept.

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    Thanks so much for the response!

    1) Nope I guess I won't need it but I'm gonna get some anyway
    2) Got it
    3) Is there a british name for it? (razer help )
    4) Got it
    5) Got it
    6) Ill use some sorta substitute

    Yes I will get some pics of the case as wel. Thanks!

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    What is called U chanel in USA-ish in UK-ish is called rubber edge trim. Is this good: arsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item5882ac7d33

    If not then will this:

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    Deathcore mod worklog


    Ok guys thanks for the replies! Now I have some things to add to my shopping list. I have been inspired by a 12" green cathode that just came in the post this morning. I bought it for...89p ($1.44 - yea its called EBAY MAGIC thanks to winning an auction)! It has a switch to turn it on/off so I will take:

    ...and wire the switches to the front so its like a control panel.


    Any comments welcome guys!

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    Deathcore mod worklog


    Ok so here is my shopping list now. New and updated:

    1) PTM switch
    2) Fan controller
    3) Green paint
    4) Neons?
    5) Dremel
    6) Rubber edge trim or U chenel whatever you wanna call it.
    7) Acrylic
    8) 3m #4010 Very strong double sided tape
    9) Masking tape
    10) Vynil
    11) Thumb screws

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    Deathcore mod worklog

    What is called U chanel in USA-ish in UK-ish is called rubber edge trim. Is this good: arsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item5882ac7d33

    If not then will this:
    Looks like either one should do. Just depends on the look you're going for.

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