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Thread: New Tools!!!

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    New Tools!!!

    So a few months I entered a video contest hosted by Ridgid with the hopes of winning some brand new tools to replace some of the ageing bargain-bin tools I purchased with my $10 a week allowance back when I was in high school. Unfortunately they did not received enough entries to go ahead with the contest and decided to cancel it. I was put in contact with some cool people at TTI Group - the company that manufactures Ridgid tools (in addition to others including Milwaukee and Ryobi) - and after explaining what I was planning to use the tools for they arranged for a large pallet-o-tools to be delivered to my house! I buy just about everything online now - and subsequently get a lot of things delivered to my door. This was without a doubt the coolest package I have ever received.

    This was actually a couple months ago and, wanting to keep some sort of continuity for the "OS Xbox Pro" video, I had to set them aside. But Now as I begin my next projects I have everything set up and these tools are proving invaluable.

    So I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to TTI for the support, and hopefully you'll see me do some cool things with these tools very soon!

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    New Tools!!!

    sweet, nice tools i wouldnt mind some of them in my shed lol

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    New Tools!!!

    Ow man! YOU DAWG!!!

    That is just EPIC! What a score! You sir, have been blessed by the tool gods! Enjoy and be productive!

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    New Tools!!!

    I saw a pipe bender too! -Bike frame case!!

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    New Tools!!!

    Hell w/ boxes from UPS or Fedex.. Freight Pallet Delivery is Big Balling!!!


    - Ton

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    New Tools!!!

    Yea, I was pretty excited when I saw that pallet. I was asked to make a wish list, and had no idea what a reasonable amount to put on it was. They ended doing the entire list plus a few extras! Expect some extreme product placement in my next few mod videos! lol.

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    New Tools!!!

    damn thats sweet!

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