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Thread: Choppers Mod 2.0

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    My Dremel has two speeds.....35,000rpm and anything below that it says "pussy speed"

    cut off wheels before

    starting the cut

    This Spoiler pops up when clock speeds exceed 4ghz

    and done.

    cut off wheels after.....RIP

    Screw your premod TigerDirect / CompUSA / storebought crap.

    Been working on this for a few months, the last few images with the top side cut were done today.

    Expect weekly updates.

    Nice little site you guys got going here, I'm a PimpRig / PCApex transplant.

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    1/3/09 Update

    finishing the blow hole

    trap door :O

    Blow hole is done.

    Edges are smoothed but my grinder bit is wearing out so I think tomorrow I'll go buy some more and finish grinding these cuts into a nice smooth silky ummmm.....thing. Because I gotta let these college kids at the next LAN know that their pre-mod crap sucks sweaty hairy donkey balls.

    An idea I got while cutting this is a windowed HDD in that top 3.5" bay.....I was originally going to go with a card reader but I remembered the Raptor 36gb and 73gb SATA drives with windows in them out of the factory so that is a possibility. The only issue with this is that the 3 1/2" bay in this case is slightly offset and not center.

    Pretty much done for the night......will probably work on it more tomorrow. Need to source a hole saw for the top fans and my drill and drill bits from work on Tuesday.

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    hey J-Dogg,

    I was looking at your post, and your nick sounded familar. When you mentioned you were from PCA, then i rememered I used to call PimpRig my home before it changed to PCA.

    Welcome to MI, this is my new modding home A lot of nice folks here. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see you around more.

    - Ton

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    Yep there's a bunch of PCA / PimpRig people on here. :mrgreen:

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    Wow that looks pretty good!

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    Screw your premod TigerDirect / CompUSA / storebought crap.
    hell yeah

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    Hey J-Dogg,

    I was looking at your cut off discs.. those look like the regular "brown / red" discs that comes w/ the dremel. Those don't cut very well, and don't last long.

    you should get the fiberglass reinforced cut of discs.. they work great and last much longer. tZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item53de73c531

    its like a 100 of them for betewen $8 and $12. Once you use them, you won't use the others anymore. I still have drawer full of the reinforced discs, cause they last so long.

    - Ton

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    I have a few of those I use for thicker metals, I like the small ones because they have to remove less metal because they are thinner. The metal on this case is very thin and actually quite easy to cut through with the smaller wheels. I actually have to reform the top of the case because it has a dent in it from leaning on it while cutting.

    Next time I cut something I'll give the reinforced another whirl. I still need to open up the rear of the case a bit so maybe I'll do that later today with some reinforced wheels.

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    Very nice work so far. Welcome to the forums! Look forward to seeing this one progress. Cheers!

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    Choppers Mod 2.0

    looks like your off to a great start mate, keep it up


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