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Thread: Cool modding project

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    Cool modding project

    I practice martial arts as a hobby (actually my Wife, Son, and I all do together). At my current rank I have to test with double short sticks and double chucks. My next test will be sometime after November 2010 so I am planning on making some custom sets of acrylic weapons with with LEDS for demonstrating at graduation. This is part of the chuck form, imagine chucks with UV green and UV blue acrylic with lights built in and patterns etched, maybe air-brushed as well.

    Danger Den has a CNC lathe so we can do some pretty cool stuff with shaping them.

    Any ideas on what to use to connect the chucks (no chain, want something that would look really cool)?

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    Cool modding project

    Maybe multiple strands of lightly woven, clear high strength fishing line? if yo uare going to have LED's in the chuk's.... proper angling of the LED's *may* allow the light to get into the lines?

    Congrats, by the way!

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    Cool modding project

    I'm not sure how flexible it would be, but if you could find some well buffed steel cable and wrap some sideglow fiber optics around it that would be pretty sweet looking.

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