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Thread: Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    After a yearlong hiatus, I am back to modding! That is right you did just read that... I have had a number of issues with modding this year: time, money, health, school, etc, etc. Now that most of that has been cleared out of the way I can finally get back to modding. This project I have been planning for close to 4 months while doing other things for The Mod Brothers and Case Mod Blog. I have finally ironed out the concept of what I want this case to look like and it is going to be based on the awesome movie "District 9". Bill Owen begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     *end_of_the_skype_highlighting has been creating a District 9 mod as well which I am sure you are all familiar. However, I am going to be taking a slightly different side to the story. My mod is going to be a MNU General Purpose Security Vehicle. When speaking to Bill he sent me over this picture that he had found while researching for his project.

    Original Artists (WETA)

    The MNU used this General Purpose Security Vehicle in the movie, and so I am going to be incorporating bits and pieces from the design of the double cab into a case.

    A few sketches...

    And finally we get to the case. It is, well to be honest I have no clue! Branded as a MECER PREMIUM-X it is an old AT case as far as I can make out but that is all about to change.

    As you can see, it is in fact missing a side panel. So while going through all my scraps of aluminium from my last Project: Deadline I found this and it was MADE for this case! Look at that it fits perfectly!

    Well not quite perfectly but pretty much I just need to trim the top a bit. I marked it up with some masking tape and drew the line in. Just remember to measure, measure, and measure again! Will get it cut tomorrow before the New Year PARTAAY!

    That is all for now

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Fun Fun Fun!

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Fun Fun Fun!
    Hopefully I can say that at the end, eh? :P

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Project: MNU (update 3)

    Well, the last we weeks since my last update have been an interesting few, with loads of snow, exams, school productions (I am a stage manager not some performer!) and loads of other things...this project had been left in pieces on my bedroom floor, to my mum's disgust I may add! Although this weekend I managed to get to work on it again, I grabbed me safety googles and got too it! However, before I started work on that I decided to work on the side panel design.

    A few sheets of A4 paper masking tape a ruler and scissors and I am done.

    Now it is time for the jigsaw to come out! inorder for me to have two 140mm fans on the front panel, I needed to cut out most of the current front panel so hey why not it all? I do not use optical drives anyway.

    Front panel

    Bill Owen from MNPCTECH sent me one of his Billet Aluminum 240 Radiator & Fan Grills which are available at his store here a few months ago. Thanks MNPCTECH! I am considering using it for the front panel intakes on the case although I am still trying to work out if it is the correct look or not...

    Billet Aluminum 240 Radiator & Fan Grill

    Billet Aluminum 240 Radiator & Fan Grill on the front panel

    Now with a new back panel, I may as well make a new back panel as well So I took my trusty jigsaw and volia!

    Back panel

    I then put the case back together again well... ish it is just being held together with friction at the moment!

    Catch you later!

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Hey all!
    Here I am with one more update and this may be the last (well there may be another on Wednesday...) before I go away to South Africa, and no, I am not going to be looking for the "Prawns" but if I find any I will definitely take some photographs! :P

    I have not really been able to do any modding but I have had plenty of time to work on the design, well I should have been studying... So here, it is some teasers of the front panel, side panels and window design The front panel has changed slightly, I have found my ThermalChill PA120.3 that I pretty much completely forgot about so am going to watercool this rig! Oh, and I am still trying to work out where to put the MNPCTech grill but I am currently thinking on the top for exhausts.


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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Hey all

    Well all my exams are done!!!! Therefore, to celebrate I decided to get my hands dirty, and did some modding! I got to work on the bottom panel, the PSU vent and holes for MNPCTech case feed need to be added. As well as getting rid of some extra holes in the base.

    The PSU vent cut out and case feet holes enlarged to 1/4"

    The feet added, and U-Channelling added.

    MNPCTech Case foot

    Filled in some of the holes from the former motherboard tray


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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    It is update time! Yes, I said it! UPDATE time! I had a nice knock on the door today, from the couriers... and what did they drop off at my door? The Fractal Design Define R2 which this mod is now based on. As you may have gathered I am ever so slightly hyper about the fact and for that reason, I am going to let the pictures talk rather than attempting to put how I feel about this case in words...

    This case is pretty awesome, as many people have expressed the panels are a bit thin in some places and is not the lightest case in the world but when you remove the side panels which have the Bitumen sound damping material the case is not that heavy at all!

    Now that I have taken the before pictures... I think it is just about time for me to get closer to the “after” pictures, eh? I am hoping to have another update in the next few days if not you lot need to start pestering me, OK? Right now that you have accepted your mission it is time for me to accept mine, and break out the Jigsaw and drill and start stripping this B-E-A-U-tiful case down and start prepping the surfaces for painting and cutting.

    But, before I do that it is time for me to say thanks to Fractal Designs for giving me the opportunity to cut on one of their cases! THANKS!


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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Well I promised you an update... unfortunately it is nowhere near as big as I first hoped! Well to be honest it is not much of an update at all more just a few pictures of the case stripped down and some photographs of the tubing that I will be using in the machine.

    The chassis without all the plastic!

    the 3 bits that are make the front panel

    the fractal case has 2 sets of hole for watercooling... I am trying to work out the best way to cover them up or utilize them.

    The entire case is held together with black pop rivets ... I am going to attack them with a drill this week

    the white XSPC tubing

    I may as well inform you what my plans are for the front panel... Well it is more of a, can you help situation. I want to keep the same design but change it in some way to allow me o still open and close the door which is a fundamental feature of the case. I was thinking of potentially just increasing the size of width of the bull bar to all the door to open without blocking it in anyway. You have any ideas?

    It is time for me to say thanks to Fractal Designs for giving me the opportunity to cut on one of their cases and to NZXT for their premium cables which are now on there way!! THANKS!


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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Oooo, look at this another update this week... Not much of an update but when I got this done this evening I thought it was worthy of an update.

    Before I got the case from Fractal Design I asked Bill if a triple radiator would fit into the case and his answer was yes, it is possible... So I went ahead and organised to get the case shipped off to me. Today I had a few minutes between studying to strip out the drive bays, which are no longer needed as I wanted to be able to watercool this beast and had other plans for the drives, but once I had removed the 10 or so rivets and attempted to place the radiator it I was faced by a this!

    The old style Thermochill PA 120.3 is a match made in heaven for the Fractal Design Define R2! Take a look at how much space I have to play with on the top on bottom of the case, about 2mm in total.

    Once again thanks to both Fractal Design and NZXT

    Catch you later!

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    Project: MNU by Kylevdm - Sponsor Update Hello TM3!!!&

    Hey all!

    A quick reply to inform you that this mod is currently on hold I have been diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis which has damaged my inner ear and therefore I cannot balance...

    I have been told that this may last for up to 6 weeks so there may not be any updates for a while and for now I look like a drunk with no alcohol! And modding while "drunk" is not the best thing in the world and I want to live past my 18th birthday!

    Will be working on designs etc though!

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