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Thread: Is HP’s webcam racist?

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    Is HP’s webcam racist?

    Hi all, thought this was interesting.

    Link to youtube video[/video]]HERE.

    Imagine how politically correct hp had to be when responding to this.

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    Is HP’s webcam racist?

    Yeah I saw this awhile ago and there seems to be a lot of this "technology is racist" stuff going on lately... First it was digital cameras and now it is web cams. Any guesses what will be next?

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    Is HP’s webcam racist?

    Robotic cops.

    But, those cameras did have a hard time picking up black people and Asians, though. With Asians it would tell them to open there eyes.

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    Is HP’s webcam racist?

    Make you wonder if someone slipped in code on some patch or something to have it shut down face tracking whenever black people came in frame...I beleive the guy in thinking that at least someone within HP was racist LOL.

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