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Thread: My ION Mod.

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    My ION Mod.

    Hey everyone I started this mod over the weekend and it is shaping up really nicely so I thought I would post some pictures of my work so far. If you have any questions feel free to ask as this is a work in progress. I do plan on adding a slimline blu-ray drive and usb functionality to the front two gaming ports.

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    My ION Mod.

    You should grab some cheapo off brand controllers from somewhere (ebay or thrift store perhaps?) and turn them into USB adapters so you don't need to change the original controller port?

    Maybe have them be kinda like the XBox controllers quick detach thingees, or turn the old controller into a USB hub...

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    My ION Mod.

    What I decided was I will have the original controls be able to plug in and then be recognized over usb. Their is a programmable chip that I'm going to place inside the case that will connect to the controller port and then to the usb headers so the controller will be mapped accordingly.


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